SEO services in 2010 and Now

The world of SEO is being modified with frequent pace. There are several updates and advancements taking place on regular basis. Therefore, the SEO strategists are changing their tactics to attain maximum results in least possible time. However, the process of organic website ranking is very challenging and has a combination of techniques, which needs to be followed. If looked at the improvement in SEO techniques since the year 2010, results will astonish you.

SEO Services in 2010:

Till the year 2010, search engine optimization was the process with limited scope. However both on page and off page techniques were employed with webpages to make them listed on the top in SERPs. But, there were lesser complication and lesser rigid guidelines. With increased pace of spamming activities over the web in the name of organic rise in website rank, requirement of stricter algorithm from experts has increased effectively.

Though there were several browsers available but still a website could get better ranking without having multi browser compatibility and advanced programming components. Such elements were not required to that extend. With increased pace of challenges in this field, over the time new strategies have been developed.

SEO Services in 2015:

There have been massive improvements in last four years and looking at the pace of modifications, it can be said that the face of website optimization is going to change with massive force till the year 2015.

The experts in internet marketing field are working to forecast the best suitable strategies in the field of highly competitive SEO trends in the year 2015. Following are the predicted solutions, which service providers are likely to apply in this process:

  • Creation of robots.txt files is going to hold major level of importance.
  • Updating the XML site maps and HTML site maps is going to remain the most significant component of SEO process in 2015.
  • Requirement of updating ALT tag for all the images is assumed to hold massive significance too.
  • Internal linking of long tail keywords to the website is very important.
  • Improvement in page speed and navigation speed is really important point in this field.
  • Adding social media icons and connecting your social media pages and handles through these icons helps you to keep your visitors engaged.
  • Responsive website design has become urgent requirement for you to increase impact of SEO strategies.
  • There should be frequent improvement in content and HTML tags to keep the website updated.
  • Providing authentic contact information in the contact us section of website is important to add credibility to the website.
  • There should be more focus on local listings of the business on the web to get more exposure.
  • Submitting articles on quality article directories and sharing it through famous social media platforms is mandatory.
These on page and off page search engine optimization techniques are brilliant and they offer simply advanced solutions to the customers. These predictions explain that future of web optimization is quite bright in upcoming years too and it holds massive benefits for the clients.

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