Responsive Web Site Design and Advantage

With the increasing use of smart phones and tablets, responsive web designing is gaining importance in the web designing arena. Mobile commerce is mushrooming in leaps and bounds. With mammoth numbers of customers making use of their tablets and phones to make purchases, responsive web design occupies vital role in driving greater business sales.
The merits of responsive web design are plenty but there are some prominent reasons why your business needs such a type of design:

  • Developing the web site by incorporating responsive web designs will not only save the money but also will minimize the efforts. The website will be accessible through any device as such designs eliminate the need to have an exclusive mobile website.Responcive Webrex Technologies
  • With the help of responsive website the users will get easy and navigable site.
  • Single site will fulfill all the website requirements and there is no need to spend on multiple versions of the website.
  • Responsive website designs saves a lot of SEO efforts as the returns from such sites include not having to build links or content optimization for various websites.
  • Users often switch over to the sites that are attracting, alluring and engaging. Responsive site development enhances the business appeal by enticing more potential customers thus giving a boost to the sales of your company.
  • One can deal with high bounce rates on websites very effectively with responsive designing which in return aids the business to stand ahead of its competitors effectively.
  • Being a single property website, responsive web design is easy to maintain and manage.responsive-web-design
  • As the website administrators have to update only one platform, they take lesser time in the whole process.
  • Google has recommended the use of responsive designing as it has caliber of improving the SEO of the site. Moreover such designs use single URL making it simpler for the Google crawlers to track the site and index the content within the domain.
  • Responsive designs enhance the SEO as site with such designs gets adjusted to multiple devices which aids in enhancing the site’s search engine results. Gone are the days when designers waste lot of their time in building links or optimizing content and one need only to market a single responsive website.
  • Content is must in SEO, good quality and unique content that is frequently updated enhances the search engine ranking results so with responsive designs fewer resources are wasted in low level duplication of content across the sites.
  • Responsive designs increases conversion rates as with the increase in usage of mobile and tablets such sites work very effectively in these devices. So if a potential customer accesses the site with ease in any device then there is little chance that the user will switch to competitor. Increasing a users journey and experience will increase conversion rates and finally will catapult sales to new level.

Other merits like better page sharing experience, better online user experience, improved offline browsing experience etc makes responsive designs must for the success of any business site.

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