Get ready for Mobilegeddon, Latest Google Update!

Is your site mobile friendly? Or is it as per the new norms chalked out by the Google which states that it will under rank the sites that are not mobile friendly? If no, then give a thought as you will see your site slip down in the Google rankings.

Google-Mobilegeddon-UpdateMobile optimization is the new buzzword in the internet arena. With extensive usage of smart phones people pursue everything online with their cell phones and so it has become mandatory to make the site mobile friendly so that the end users can access the site using their mobile phones easily.

Google is now working on mobile algorithm and is considering mobile usability as a part of its ranking calculations. From April 21st Google has rolled new mobile friendly algorithms that will have major impact on the search rankings. What is surprise is that what are the aspects that will be added or how it will have effect on the search ability of the web site.

Over the time Google has increased its emphasis on mobile friendly sites and testing those using mobile friendly icons. The major search engine has also added mobile usability reports in its Webmaster tools. To create awareness of the advantages of mobile friendly sites, Google has sent mobile usability warnings to webmasters with non mobile friendly sites.

All these aspects are pointing to one particular thing of impending shift to make the site mobile friendly in order to get top rankings in the search engine listings. There are certain basic elements to make the site mobile friendly:

  • Run the site through Google’s mobile friendly test. This can be done by running the most important pages through the tool and one can get clear idea of which elements one need to work.
  • Incorporate responsive design, mobile app or develop a separate site for mobile devices.
  • Do away with the most common mobile mistakes like blocking of Java script, CSS and image files, faulty redirecting, inappropriate cross links and slow loading of mobile pages.

All the above tips will go a long way in making the site mobile friendly. This step of Google is the great news for mobile users as it will help them to access all the sites using their mobile as all those sites that still do not have a mobile friendly site will deliberately go and build one.

All the entrepreneurs must keep three vital aspects in mind:

  • Must test the website using the Google’s own mobile friendly test.
  • Study the amount of mobile search traffic that is arriving at the website.
  • Resort the help of web professional so that your site can be made mobile friendly and can rope in umpteen numbers of web visitors.

Gear up for the mobile friendly ranking algorithms and make the site more responsive to mobile devices. It is crystal clear that the future exists on smart phones and tablets rather than on desktops or laptops browsers.

Responsive Web Site Design and Advantage

Responcive Webrex Technologies

With the increasing use of smart phones and tablets, responsive web designing is gaining importance in the web designing arena. Mobile commerce is mushrooming in leaps and bounds. With mammoth numbers of customers making use of their tablets and phones to make purchases, responsive web design occupies vital role in driving greater business sales.
The merits of responsive web design are plenty but there are some prominent reasons why your business needs such a type of design:

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Affordable SEO Service Company

SEO services company of India has earned a good reputation in the SEO writing industry. Such companies are fast spreading these days. This is the demand of the present state of business where online marketing can always make a difference in the status of a business. SEO Company in Delhi(Webrex Technologies) too is well known for the committed staff it maintains for SEO writing.

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SEO Company Delhi is quite affordable and the service it provides is of good quality at affordable prices. Several clients do not as to how to find affordable SEO services. They should follow certain guidelines. First of all it is essential to choose a company that has full time staff and can finish the work in time. References for SEO service are also essential. In this case one can get a legal and affordable SEO company. It is also essential to get to know that the SEO Company has worked with some corporate clients. This kind of knowledge and advice can be procured from an SEO expert.

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SEO is the only process to keep you out of website worries. At present there is no need for you to search for a SEO company beyond your territories. It is there with in your limits. Modern tools and tried & tested techniques of SEO Services Company India takes your website to the front pages of search engines. SEO assures a surprising journey of your website from the rock bottom to top of the ladder. Experienced hands of SEO professionals of India kicks out the fear of page rank for your website. SEO takes the website to compete with the roaring websites in the top.

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Search engine optimization services from capital city of the country really capitalize your website. SEO makes the website to turn the visitors in to customers and clicks in to dollars on the pocket. This is what services of  SEO Company Delhi assure your website. SEO is the only effective and profitable method to make profit out of online business. There are several SEO tools like content management, link building, blog posting, directory submission and more.

It is the Affordable SEO Services of SEO company of India which drags more and more clients. There is no need for you break the bank account or to pain the purse. SEO services from Webrex Technologies keep your phone ringing and finger counting. So it is not bad to get the professional SEO services of this company to enjoy the real profits of search engine optimization.

Good website designing essential for a good website…

Website designing is very crucial if you want your website to look different from rest of the sites available on internet. Website designing is basically used to give an appealing look to your website so that it can drive a lot of traffic to your homepage. There are available many websites designing companies on which you can rely on for getting your website designed.

One can also design websites on his own by using simple languages like HTML and software available in the market. Before hiring any website designing India make sure that it is the best one.

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When the designing of your website is going on make sure that you keep in regular touch with website builder so that you have an idea what people going to see about your company. It will be good if you also learn few things about website designing so that you can make a few changes yourself when required.

A professional website design company will always include editor pages so that their customers do not need to rush to them for minor changes.