Thrive with CORRECT Domain Names

In order to initiate a website, it is mandatory to begin with Web hosting. The role of a web hosting company is to provide space on their server. Webrex Technologies ( a Delhi based web services providing company, gives the services for web hosting and domain registration as well. According to them some domain names can bring prosperity. Domain Registration is the primary and the most strategic step for a company. A lot of foresight and thought should go into this process. This Cheap domain name and web hosting company reinstates that certain trends should be followed while registering the domain. It makes more sense to think of domain name before initiating your company. It is usually suggested for big brands to register the other domain variations, .biz, .net to prevent immoral competitors to benefit from your domain name. Now what are the kinds of names that can help your business? One way is to register a keyword based domain that could also describe the kind of services that the company indulges in. These are mainly those keywords that people would type to look for companies like yours in Search Engines. This trend is very much in vogue these days and it has also benefitted many companies with it. Webrex, which also provides cheap web hosting solutions, further clarifies that if you do want to use your company name as the domain name, one should ensure that it remains short, as smaller names do make more impressions on the minds of people. However, having a company name as your domain would not educate the people about the services offered by your company. Therefore you can have a combination of both as the domain name. For example if you have a web services company in US by the name of ‘Amaze’ you can get a domain registered as ‘’ Now this states the name of the company and the services rendered by it as well. Therefore a little patience and planning while registering domain names can go along way!

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